It says something when virtually every joint that sells Italian Beef Sandwiches in the Chicago area uses rolls ONLY from the Gonnella Baking Co., even the most famous use Gonnella!

What makes the Gonnella roll perfect for italian beef is that is crusty on the outside with a very soft interior. This makes it possible for the roll to absorb the sandwich juices without falling totally apart.
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Gonnella was founded in 1886 and is still run by the same family.

The only bad thing about Gonnella is that they only deliver their bread products in the Chicagoland area (including NW Indiana, SW Michigan and SE Wisconsin). Gonnella does have a commercial baking division and I have seen Gonnella rolls available at other italian beef shops around the country.

Everything starts with the best ingredients and an italian beef sandwich isn't the same without Gonnella.