• Capriotti's Sandwich Shop - "The Bobbie"

    Capriotti's Sandwich Shop is a small chain but has garnered a huge reputation from their award winning Bobbie Sandwich. It was named Sandwich of the Year by AOL's LemonDrop.com web site.

    The Bobbie, is basically Thanksgiving on a roll. Start out with a fresh baked roll (from a secret recipe) and then cram it full with turkey, cranberry sauce, stuffing and mayo. All the ingredients are fresh and flavorful. The stuffing in particular is stellar. I'd certainly be happy with that stuffing during a traditional Thanksgiving meal.

    Capriotti's began in 1976 with a dedication to providing sandwiches to those who really loved and appreciated turkey. Today even one of their most basic sandwiches the "Homemade Turkey" features freshly roasted and pulled turkey!

    Although Capriott's locations may often look like one of those large chain sub shops their food clearly sets them apart. The fresh pulled turkey has a fresh roasted turkey flavor, very unlike sliced turkey "deli" meats.

    Although the Bobbie is the "famous" sandwich at Capriotti's I also love the "Cole Turkey" which is fresh roasted homemade turkey, provolone cheese, Russian dressing, cole slaw and mayo! Excellent.

    The large sandwiches at Capriotti's are 20" long, so be careful how you order. Most appetities will be more than satisified by the 12" medium size sandwich!

    Capriotti's has grown since their inception with a single location in Delaware in 1976 to having quite a few locations in Arizona, California, Delaware, Florida ,Iowa, Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Utah, Nevada and Wisconsin.

    Some people would like Christmas to be every day, us turkey lovers want Thanksgiving ever day, an Capriotti's Sandwich Shops helps us achieve that goal.

    Capriotti's Sandwich Shops (multiple locations)
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