• D'Arcy's Pint - Springfield, IL

    If Abe Lincoln were alive today, and still hanging out in Springfield, IL he certainly would be a regular at D'Arcy's Pint feasting on a sandwich that has made D'arcy's famous, the Horseshoe Sandwich.

    D'Arcy's famous shoes, as they are known to the regulars, are incredible sandwiches that feature a choice of meat or veggies, served over Texas toast, piled high with fries and topped with an unforgettable homemade cheese sauce. Sound simple?

    First you must select your meat from an assortment of ham, corned beef, turkey, bacon, hamburger, grilled chicken, Italian sausage, buffalo chicken, breaded tenderloin, roast beef, walleye, or gasp, veggies. Once you have made that selection it is piled high on plain white Texas toast, covered with a heaping helping of french fries, and then covered in a gooey, very yelllow, cheese sauce (like cheese-whiz on steroids).
    The cheese sauce really pulls the sandwich together and provides quite a taste treat. Somehow, I doubt that people really eat like this in Ireland, but the sandwich is made even better with an ice cold Irish ale in hand.

    Next weekend tell the family that you have planned a trip to Springfield, IL for an educational outing featuring the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum. Don't let anyone know of your real motive, the Horseshoe Sandwich at D'arcy's Pint.

    D'Arcy's Pint
    661 W. Stanford Avenue
    Springfield, IL 62703


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