• Slyman's Corned Beef - Cleveland, OH

    With all the talk about Lebron James we were wondering what else is a Cleveland original. Sure, there is the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, sports teams that haven't won a championship in almost forever, cold and snowy winters, and a city stuck between New York and Chicago.

    One thing is for sure, Cleveland also has the championship winning corned beef sandwich. With all the famous deli's in New York and Los Angeles many are surprised to learn that a little deli with an unappetizing sounding name has the best corned beef in America.Welcome to Slyman's! Just east of downtown in a non-descript building you can find this corned beef gem. And it's easy to find, just look for the line coming out of the front door and working it's way down the block. Don't worry, even with snow and sub-zero temperatures the lunch line at Slyman's is something you can depend on. Slyman's is a classic deli, gruff waitresses, guys slicing meat with a bit of a scowl on their face, a lot of yelling, Formica tables, mediocre paper napkins, but a great corned beef sandwich piled high (and I mean HIGH) on pleasantly chewy rye bread.

    Let me repeat, this is a corned beef sandwich that is PILED HIGH. Easily huge enough for two people to share a sandwich and still feel quite full. No skimping at Slyman's. The prices at Slyman's are also Cleveland sized... no $15 corned beef sandwiches here, just $9... any Cleveland working guy can afford that!

    Plus, it's fun to eat at Slyman's. It is filled not only with locals (regular people and the mover-shakers), but also quite a few out-of-towners who treat Slyman's as another tourist destination.

    Visit Slyman's and you will certainly be challenged to decide on Cleveland's most famous attraction: Lebron James, the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, or a corned beef sandwich at Slyman's!

    Slyman's Deli
    3106 Saint Clair Ave NE
    Cleveland, OH 44114


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