• Melt Bar & Grilled - Cleveland, OH

    Anyone who ever grew up with a doting mom sure knows how a great grilled cheese sandwich (and maybe a bowl of tomato soup) is a great comfort food.

    While Melt has a traditional grilled cheese sandwich (that is also phenomenal) the real star of the show is how Melt manages to meld together a bunch of ingredients (including cheese) into an outstanding sandwich. I guess you could say Melt melds!

    Usually on my first visit I would go with the traditional sandwich, a basic grilled cheese, however I decided to be adventorous and went with the Summer Chicken sandwich. This sandwich features two thick slices of fresh bread, grilled (with butter) to perfection, and then filled with grilled chicken, lettuce, tomato, havarti cheese and a roasted garlic herb dressing. True to the name this Melt sure melded together these ingredients in a warm, toasty and extremely satisfying sandwich.

    The grilled cheese sandwiches at melt can be as "traditional" as a ham, bacon and swiss Melt, to a bunch of sandwiches that are truly creative like "The Godfather" - 3 cheese lasagna, fresh fennel-oregano pasta sheets, spicy red sauce, provolon, on grilled garlic spiked bread. WOW.

    Check out their website for the complete menu, very interesting. In the restaurant the menus are presented on the back of old LP record jackets. Kinda cool and nostalgic. I had Billy Joel's The Stranger!

    Each sandwich comes with french fried and a nice slaw. I was expecting run of the mill french fries, but I was VERY wrong. These are great fries, crunchy on the outside and melt in your mouth on the inside. The "sweet slaw" is very refreshing (not mayonnaise based), crunchy and tasty. Be aware it does carry some hotness so if you are sensitive to hot and spicy be forewarned!

    Melt has become a Cleveland institution and they don't forget their roots as several sandwiches are named after Cleveland area landmarks or names. What native Clevelander could resist the "Parmageddon" - 2 potato and cheese pierogi, vodka saurkraut, grilled onions, sharp cheddar on the Melt famous grilled bread. Double Wow.

    Both locations of Melt seem to be busy most of the time so expect to wait if you would like a table. While waiting I recommend the bar which has around TWENTY different (and interesting) beers on tap. I have never had "Left Hand Milk Stout" but it is on tap, and it did sound interesting!

    The decor at the Cleveland Heights location features a wide array of Christmas, Halloween and other holiday lawn ornaments illuminated in their full glory. The centerpiece however is a HUGE illuminated Dairy Queen sign. I asked and was told that there wasn't a great story behind that sign, that it was in one of the Melt owner's basement. Hey, I thought it was neat as it brought back another memory of my childhood, working at the neighborhood DQ and making millions of Peanut Buster Parfaits!

    The gourmet grilled cheese category is growing across the country. Melt has been at this for about four years and sure will be around for a long time to come.

    To finish off my Cleveland dining experience I noticed that former Cleveland Cavaliers General Manager was enjoying Melt with his family. I'm sure that many Cleveland celebrities frequent Melt.

    Great place, highly recommended.

    Melt Bar & Grilled
    14718 Detroit Ave.
    Lakewood, OH 44107

    13463 Cedar Rd.
    Cleveland Hts., OH 44118


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