• The Silver Palm - Chicago, IL

    Near the intersection of Chicago Ave., Ogden Ave., and Milwaukee Ave. lies The Silver Palm, a restaurant located in the inside of a 1947 railroad Budd dining car. The Silver Palm has an eclectic menu, it is not a traditional sandwich restaurant. They serve Duckling, Strip Steak, Shrimp, Ribs, Calamari and of course....

    "Dan Palm's Three Little Piggy Sandwich" which is a concoction of double smoked ham, fried pork tenderloin, bacon, gruyere cheese and topped off with a fried egg! That's a lot of stuff, even for a $12 sandwich!

    This is one of those special sandwiches that you can't have too often, but when you do have one, it is sure a definite treat.

    The Silver Palm's dining car is also a fun way to enjoy your more-than-filling meal.

    The Silver Palm
    768 N. Milwaukee
    Chicago, IL 60642


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    1. Sandwich Talk's Avatar
      Sandwich Talk -
      I must have missed the original airing of Anthony Bourdain's "No Reservations" when he visited the Silver Palm in Chicago. Mr. Bourdain declared that the "Three Little Piggy Sandwich" was the best sandwich in the America! High praise, from a guy that knows food!
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