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  • Bertram vs Authentic Stadium Mustard - Cleveland

    Here in Cleveland there has been a controversy for years over which mustard is better, Betram Original Ball Park Mustard or The Authentic Stadium Mustard.

    Some people can't tell them apart, and other people are fanatical that one test better than the others. Those that prefer Bertram's are quick to point out that their mustard is the original, and Authentic is a copy cat or the original.

    Either way, I think that they both taste great, and maybe that is why both brands can be found in so many places.

    In Cleveland, Progressive Field serves The Authentic Stadium Mustard, as does 150 other stadiums and arenas. Bertram's was the mustard of choice at the old (since demolished) Cleveland Stadium.

    Some interesting reading concerning both of these products, and some history can be found at their web sites:


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